Afognak Native Corporation

Afognak Purpose: Shareholders will have a perpetual source of land use, shared financial and cultural wealth to an extent justified by resources available. The Corporation will provide social, cultural, and economic benefits to Shareholders by building a sustainable, growing enterprise.

Afognak Vision: Grow sustainably to provide benefits today and invest in our future.

Afognak Native Corporation (Afognak) is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) formed under the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) and through the 1977 merger of two Alaska Native village corporations: Natives of Afognak, Inc. and Port Lions Native Corporation. Native corporation shareholders are those Alaska Natives who were alive on December 18, 1971, and have proven their lineage to the respective region and village. Congress termed ANC enrollees “shareholders,” although being an ANC shareholder is truly more comparable to a tribal membership – it is a lifetime enrollment that cannot be bought or sold.

Afognak represents and serves over 1,000 plus Shareholders who are descended from the Village of Afognak. As an ANC, Afognak is committed to meeting its economic, social, and cultural obligations to its Shareholders. It does so through revenue received from Alutiiq, LLC and its subsidiaries.  By providing benefits to Shareholders and strengthening Ag’wanermiut, “our community,” the Shareholders are empowered and the culture and  heritage of  the Alutiiq people is preserved.

As an Alaska Native Corporation, it is Afognak’s responsibility to empower its Shareholders by providing them with access to tools, resources, and support. Shareholders are given the opportunity to utilize these resources while working for or outside of the Corporation. Afognak deems any advancement of their Shareholders, both internally and externally as a success. To this end, Afognak has several comprehensive Shareholder development programs that target high school students, college students, adults in career transitions, current and future employees. On a quarterly basis, its executive team is provided a report detailing the status of each program, including measurable results.

Alutiiq, LLC was formed in December 1999 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Afognak under ANCSA. The name “Alutiiq” honors the Shareholders of Afognak — the indigenous people of Afognak Island, which is located in the Kodiak Archipelago in the Gulf of Alaska, and their descendants. Today, Afognak, Alutiiq, and their subsidiaries have nearly 5,000 employees in almost all 50 states, several territories and countries worldwide, and they provide a variety of services to the federal government.

Afognak, Alutiiq, LLC, and their subsidiaries possess a wide range of capabilities offering numerous different services in both the government and commercial sectors throughout the globe. Operating in more than 25 countries and territories worldwide, from the North Slope of Alaska to Asia and the Middle East, these companies provide diverse capabilities and a wealth of experience to their customers. Their highly skilled employees have created a track record of exceptional performance with proven results in wide-ranging fields from the energy industry, construction, security and technical support services to classroom instruction.

Afognak, Alutiiq, LLC, and their subsidiaries have more than 15 years of experience in providing logistics and technical professional services to government and commercial industries. Their customers include the DOD, FEMA, USCG, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and other government agencies. Their distinctive combination of leading edge expertise is unique, and this expertise enables them to offer added-value solutions to federal agencies through the General Services Administration (GSA) schedules. Their current GSA Schedules include Logworld (Schedule 874 V), Facilities Maintenance Services (Schedule 03FAC), and General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment and Software and Services (Schedule IT 70). These schedules enable federal agencies to procure a wide variety of services over a shortened time period. Please browse their GSA Schedules at to see whether they have the right solution for your agency.

Afognak, Alutiiq, LLC, and their subsidiaries welcome opportunities to work with partners, subcontractors, and vendors.  The vendor subcontracting evaluation and due diligence questionnaire are forms that are required to be completed by businesses that wish to perform subcontracting or vendor work with these companies. These forms ensure that subcontractors and vendors meet minimum standards of performance and qualifications to engage in work with these companies.

Afognak, Alutiiq, LLC, and their subsidiaries are Equal Employment Opportunity /Affirmative Action employers. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, pregnancy-related condition, genetic information, marital or family status, protected veteran status, or any other protected classification. Pursuant to PL 93-638, as amended, preference will be given to qualified Afognak Shareholders, Alaska Natives and American Indians in all phases of employment. Afognak, Alutiiq, LLC, and their subsidiaries are EEO/AA employers.

Note: If you are an individual with a disability and would like to request an accommodation for help with your online application, please send an email to

Note: Employment applications will be accepted only for open positions as posted. Online applications are the preferred method. Resumes alone are not accepted. Once submitted, the hiring manager or his/her designee will review your application with regard to job-related skills and qualifications. It is not necessary to follow-up your application by contacting Human Resources.

Note: These companies participate in E-Verify. Federal law requires all employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the United States.

Shareholders interested in any position may apply online or directly with Shareholder Development.