Business Directory

Afognak wants to help advertise your business or service!

Afognak Native Corporation’s Shareholder-Owned Business and Service Directory helps promote Shareholder-owned businesses and services by encouraging Afognak Shareholders, vendors, business partners, and staff to utilize these businesses and services.

Businesses that are owned or partially owned by Shareholders, descendants or the spouses of Shareholders qualify for listing in the directory.  Shareholders, descendants and the spouses of Shareholders that are the primary providers of a service (i.e., catering, arts and crafts) but do not hold a state-issued business license also qualify for inclusion in the directory.

Afognak Shareholders and descendants own and operate businesses in the following regions:

Port Lions
Old Harbor
Lower 48

To submit your information please complete and return the Shareholder Business Directory Form:

Shareholder Business Directory Form

For additional information about the Shareholder-Owned Business and Service Directory or other Shareholder Services programs, please contact Shareholder Services.