Recognizing the importance of culture and heritage for the Afognak Alutiiq people, the Afognak Native Corporation Board of Directors elected to construct a 1,200 square foot museum in the Alutiiq Center, Alutiiq, LLC’s headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska. The museum displays numerous artifacts and contemporary Alutiiq artwork and includes an interactive map and kiosk which displays the traditional village of Afognak. The Afognak Museum is open during normal business hours and is located in the atrium of the Anchorage Office.

In addition, Afognak Native Corporation has worked for several years with the Alutiiq Museum located in Kodiak, Alaska, to conduct archeological digs on the traditional Afognak lands to save artifacts before they washed away from erosion or were destroyed by vandalism. Many of those artifacts are housed and cared for in the Repository. The Alutiiq Museum also provides numerous programs, functions, services and activities that support the preservation, education and increased awareness of the Alutiiq culture. Visit the Alutiiq Museum’s website to learn more.