Afognak Native Corporation supports the language revitalization efforts of the Alutiiq Museum, the Native Village of Afognak, and the Native Village of Port Lions. The Museum and tribes, working with organizations across Kodiak Island, are focused on saving and revitalizing the Alutiiq language. Through a Master/Apprentice Program, resource development, and daily teaching, traditional Alutiiq speakers are passing Alutiiq on to the next generation. If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact the Alutiiq Museum (907.486.7004), Native Village of Afognak (907.486.6357), or the Native Village of Port Lions (907.454.2234). Learn more about the Tribe’s Language efforts and the Alutiiq Museum’s language efforts.

“Keep Talking” is a documentary about the Alutiiq Native American cultural and linguistic preservation effort. In the summer of 2013, a first of its kind, multi-generational living language immersion was held on the Alutiiq people’s former homeland – the island of Afognak, part of the Kodiak archipelago. Afognak has no electricity, cell phone service or running water, providing a unique opportunity to escape modern distractions. Traditions are passed on as elders advise children and adults on Alutiiq speech, and indigenous songs are taught and Native dances performed. With approximately 33 fluent Alutiiq speakers remaining, the urgency to create more speakers is palpable. The film was shot in Kodiak, on Afognak Island and in Port Lions. A follow-up shoot is planned in the Winter of 2014.

For more information please contact Karen Weinberg (Director/Producer) at

Use your smartphone to learn the Alutiiq Language! Open this link to learn more.