The Alutiiq Language Program from AlutiiqLLC on Vimeo.

Afognak Native Corporation (Afognak) is committed to providing resources to social and cultural programs that benefit its Shareholders, the Alutiiq people, and other communities in need. Below are some of the programs to which Afognak regularly contributes.

Alutiiq Culture

Afognak supports programs that teach Alutiiq history and traditional ways to the Native community, giving its Shareholders a sense of pride in their Alutiiq culture and passing on cultural knowledge to the next generation of Shareholders.  Afognak supports the Native Village of Afognak’s Dig Afognak Culture Camps through donations and with a long-term lease of Afognak lands where the Camp currently resides.  The company also holds an annual Shareholder camp for a week at Dig Afognak, providing Shareholders the opportunity to immerse themselves in traditional activities such as skin sewing, plant identification and gathering, and mask carving.  During this week, the Native Village of Afognak also holds an Afognak Peoples Picnic in the Old Village of Afognak.

Alutiiq Museum

Afognak, a founding member of the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository, provides an annual donation to the Alutiiq Museum to support its mission.  For several years, Afognak worked with the Alutiiq Museum to conduct archeological digs on Afognak lands to save artifacts before they washed away from erosion or were destroyed by vandalism.  Many of those artifacts are housed and cared for in the Repository.  In addition, the Alutiiq Museum provides numerous programs, functions, services and activities that support the preservation, education and increased awareness of the Alutiiq culture. Learn more about the Alutiiq Museum.

Language Program

Use your smartphone to learn the Alutiiq Language! Open this link to learn more.

Afognak supports the Alutiiq language revitalization efforts of the Alutiiq Museum, the Native Village of Afognak, and the Native Village of Port Lions.  The Museum and tribes, working with organizations across Kodiak Island, are focused on saving and revitalizing the Alutiiq language.  Through a Master/Apprentice Program, resource development, and daily teaching, traditional Alutiiq speakers are passing Alutiiq on to the next generation.  If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact the Alutiiq Museum (907.486.7004), Native Village of Afognak (907.486.6357), or the Native Village of Port Lions (907.454.2234). Learn more about the Tribe’s Language efforts and the Alutiiq Museum’s language efforts.

Afognak Museum

Recognizing the importance of culture and heritage for the Afognak Alutiiq people, the Afognak Native Corporation Board of Directors elected to construct a 1,200 square foot museum in the Alutiiq Center, Alutiiq, LLC’s headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska. The museum displays numerous artifacts and contemporary Alutiiq artwork and includes an interactive map and kiosk which displays the traditional village of Afognak.  The Afognak Museum is open during normal business hours and is located in the atrium of the Anchorage Office.