LANDS Land Use Permits

 In 1999, Afognak Native Corporation (Afognak) implemented a Land Use Permit System to regulate the use of its most valuable resource.  This System was expanded in 2004 to include the lands of Natives of Kodiak, Inc. (NOK), and Ouzinkie Native Corporation (ONC), forming the Joint Land Use Permit System. The lands administered under the Joint Land Use Permit System include land on Afognak Island, Kodiak Island, Raspberry Island, Spruce Island, and Whale Island as depicted on the attached Permit Area Map.

Protecting its lands from illegal trespass and abuse is the primary goal of Afognak’s Land Use Permit System. Afognak Island is a focal point of security operations due to the high level of public interest generated by the island’s natural attractions for hunting, fishing and passive recreation. Afognak’s security officers are responsible for enforcing the land use policies of Afognak, NOK, and ONC, while working in cooperation with government authorities.

All members of the general public who plan to access Afognak Native Corporation, Natives of Kodiak or Ouzinkie Native Corporation permit area lands, as depicted on the map in the Land Use Rules Brochure, must acquire a land use permit.”

Big Game Guides and all other commercial operations, in addition to complying to AS 08.54.750 must provide Afognak Native Corporation a Certificate of Insurance, with the land owner’s land that will be accessed within the Joint Land Use area, listed as an additional insured in order to access.

Complete a Permit Application (NOTE: This form will open a new window.)

Permits are also available after hours, on weekends and holidays at the following locations in Kodiak:

Big Ray’s
Island Air Service
Andrew Airways, Inc.

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For more information contact the Lands Department.

We appreciate your cooperation

Afognak, NOK and ONC appreciate your cooperation and respect for these lands. Successful and efficient implementation of the Joint Land Use System and compliance with the Joint Land Use Rules will facilitate the continued use and enjoyment of these private lands, now and into the future.