As an Alaska Native Corporation, Afognak Native Corporation (Afognak) understands that its first priority is its Shareholders. As Alutiiq people, the Shareholders value their traditional subsistence way of life and have lived for generations off the bounty of the land and sea. To support their traditional way of life, the Afognak Board of Directors has initiated the Shareholder Hunting and Subsistence Program. This program is designed to ensure the Shareholders have the first right to access Afognak Island lands for subsistence purposes.

Through the Shareholder Hunting and Subsistence Program, Afognak provides Shareholders free housing and transportation along the road system on Afognak Island. For more information on what is provided, what to bring, and scheduling, please contact the Kodiak Office.

Shareholder Hunting & Subsistence Program Policy 2019

Shareholder Hunting & Subsistence Policy Acknowledgement Form