In addition to the numerous economic benefits provided to its Shareholders, such as the dividend and Elder Benefit, Afognak Native Corporation (Afognak) has implemented joint efforts with local governments to build economic opportunities in the Native Village of Port Lions.

Recognizing the importance of infrastructure and reliable transportation of goods and services for building sustainable economies, Afognak partnered with the City of Port Lions and the Native Village of Port Lions to pursue funding for a new ferry dock and improvements to the boat harbor. Afognak also donated land where a new health clinic was constructed in Port Lions.  This is the only facility in the village where health and emergency services are provided.

Afognak has also partnered with the Native Village of Port Lions Traditional Tribal Council on a multifaceted planning project designed to create jobs and empower local small business growth in the village through innovative programs while building Tribally-owned enterprises that will provide long-term sustainable profit to fund much-needed Tribal social service programs and operations.

Afognak is headquartered in the City of Kodiak and recently constructed an 11,000 square foot building in Kodiak that includes a large meeting space for corporate meetings and shareholder/community gatherings.

Afognak is committed to providing resources to social and cultural programs that benefit its Shareholders, the Alutiiq people, and other communities in need.