The Afognak Benefits Trusts (ABT) administers the Youth Enhancement Program (YEP).

YEP applications are available January 1 and are accepted and reviewed throughout the year until the budget is expended. Funding is limited and available for voting ANC Shareholder applicants to attend athletic, scholastic, cultural, and leadership trainings, camps or events that will help the student to reach his or her goals.

Examples of the types of trainings, camps or events that qualify for funding include: culture camps, sports camps, leadership events such as Alaska Federation of Natives Elders and Youth Convention, and music or other trainings outside of school. Funds are available until the budget is expended. Funding for the Youth Enhancement Program will be evaluated on an annual basis by the Board of Directors. An applicant may apply as many times as desired as long as he or she does not receive more than $500 total per calendar year.

Who May Apply

  • YEP awards scholarships to (i) Afognak Shareholders who are Native, and (ii) Afognak Shareholders who are descendants of a Native.
    • The two categories of eligible applicants set out in 1 above each include (i) an adoptee of a Native or a descendant of a Native whose adoption occurred prior to majority and is recognized at law or in equity, and (ii) an adoptee whose adoption occurred after the age of majority, but only if that adoptee is both a Native and a voting Shareholder. Applicants must be attending an elementary, middle or high school at the time of their application.
  • Applicants must be accepted to, enrolled in, or registered to participate in a one-time athletic, scholastic, cultural, or leadership training, camp or event that will help the student reach his or her goals.

How to Apply

For your convenience, applications can be downloaded in Adobe PDF. Submission of all required documents constitutes a complete application.

OR Download PDF version of 2019 YEP Application and 2019 YEP Guidelines

For instructions to help you complete the YEP Application, you may download YEP 2019 Scholarship Directions