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Employment Supports and Outreach

Afognak Native Corporation (Afognak) is committed to Shareholder hire.  Employment opportunities are available through full-time and seasonal employment with Afognak, Alutiiq, LLC, and their subsidiaries.  The Alutiiq website offers a full listing of current job openings within Afognak, Alutiiq, LLC, and their subsidiaries, and the listing is updated regularly.

Shareholder Services provides Shareholders with assistance in resume writing, completing employment applications, career counseling and conducting mock interviews.  If Shareholders have any questions regarding employment or the hiring process, they are encouraged to contact Shareholder Services.

Shareholder Employee Training Program

The purpose of the Shareholder Employee Training Program is to help Shareholders who are currently employed by Afognak, Alutiiq, LLC or one of their subsidiaries to accomplish their career goals by receiving the training they need to excel in the workplace.  This Program is designed to provide funding for Shareholders to obtain training in areas that directly relate to their fields of work such as computer skills, business, accounting, and leadership. Afognak has set aside $500 in training funds for each Shareholder employee.

Alutiiq & Afognak Native Corporation Current Job Openings

Pursuant to PL 93-638, as amended, preference will be given to qualified Afognak Native Corporation Shareholders, Alaska Natives and American Indians in all phases of employment.

Other job opportunities/employment agencies